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Poll Finds Lack of Support For 'Gun Control'
Posted By: Scott Weber 04/05/2014 @ 07:29 AM

Rasmussen Polls:  Important Findings for Both Sides in Gun Control Debate

     Polls of likely voters, conducted by Rasmussen Reports over the last 15 months, have been trending significantly against gun control supporters, but also serve as a warning to those who believe the Second Amendment is safe from further erosion.

     First, the bad news for gun control supporters.  Since December 2012, support for stricter gun control has dropped by about 22% among likely voters.

     Readers may recall the alarming situation in January 2013, when ...

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Executive Action Aims To Curb Ammo Imports
Posted By: Scott Weber 04/05/2014 @ 07:25 AM

Obama Administration's Latest "Executive Action" Aims to Curb Ammo Imports

     Ammo-ImportsThe NRA is aware of BATFE’s recent actions to restrict importation of 5.45 x 39 ammunition.  According to information BATFE provided to NRA, these actions are based on BATFE’s determination that the availability of a handgun in this caliber triggers so-called “armor piercing” ammunition provisions of federal law, which generally prohibit manufacture and importation.

     NRA strongly disagrees with BATFE’s view of this matter, and we have long sought clarity ...

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No Drone Hunting Allowed in CO!
Posted By: Scott Weber 04/02/2014 @ 12:00 PM

Colorado Voters Say NO To Issuing 'Drone Hunting' Licenses

By Keith Coffman of Reuters  

DENVER - Voters in the small farming town of Deer Trail, Colorado, on Tuesday overwhelmingly rejected a tongue-in-cheek proposal to issue hunting licenses to shoot down unmanned drones that fly over the hamlet's airspace, an election official said.

     The ballot question, which would have allowed the town of 600 to issue mock $25 permits for the supposed targeting of unmanned aerial vehicles, was rejected by 73 percent of voters, said Town Clerk Kim Oldfield.   ...

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Liberal 'News' Mags Build Anti-Gun Case
Posted By: Scott Weber 03/29/2014 @ 08:34 PM

 "News" Magazines Pretend Murthy Confirmation is a Public Health Imperative

     Defensive gun uses far outnumber suicides with guns and the availability of guns has no effect on suicide rates. Nevertheless, from time to time over the last 28 years, gun control supporters have tried to discourage people from owning guns by suggesting that gun suicides outnumber defensive gun uses. Last week was one of those times, all premised upon the notion that gun suicides are a public health epidemic with which radical gun control activist Vivek Murthy, President Obama's nominee for the post of U.S. Surgeon General, ...

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Liberal Lawmaker Wants To Rewrite 2nd Amendment
Posted By: Scott Weber 03/29/2014 @ 08:26 PM

     Last Friday, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) expressed to the audience of HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher that he hopes the Democratic Party come outs, not just in favor of more gun control, but against the Second Amendment itself.   This is merely the latest episode of an elected official pulling back the curtain on the extreme contempt with which some politicians view the Second Amendment.

      The exchange took place during a lengthy discussion on gun control between Maher and his three guests.  After lamenting that the Democratic Party was not anti-gun enough, Maher asked Ellison, "Then why doesn't your party come ...

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Nebraska Governor Vetoes Mt. Lion Ban
Posted By: Scott Weber 03/28/2014 @ 03:06 PM

Nebraska Governor Stands Up For Sportsmen, Veto’s Hunting Ban

     Today, Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman vetoed a bill that would have banned Mountain lion hunting in Nebraska. The measure, LB 671, sought to remove the authority of the state’s wildlife management professionals in favor of legislative ban on mountain lion hunting.

     In his veto message, Governor Heineman stated “Nebraskans expect responsible wildlife management.  LB 671 eliminates an important tool used to accomplish it. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission should retain the ability ...

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Wolf Management Under Attack in Minnesota
Posted By: Scott Weber 03/28/2014 @ 03:00 PM

Wolf Management Under Attack in Minnesota

     In their ever-expanding quest to stop state management of a rapidly proliferating wolf population, anti-hunting forces have returned to the Minnesota statehouse with a series of bills designed to stop the state’s wolf hunt. In recent weeks, four bills aiming to curtail the wolf hunt have been introduced: HF 3196 prohibits trapping wolves and hunting wolves with the use of bait. HF 2680 and SF 2256 suspend the state’s wolf hunt until a series of reports and studies are completed on the status of the population. HF 1163 imposes a five-year moratorium ...

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Marine Shirt Gets Kid Suspension
Posted By: Scott Weber 03/28/2014 @ 02:57 PM

Marines T-Shirt Ban:   Dad Pushes School to Reconsider Gun Rules on Apparel      

By Alexandra Ward

     A father is urging an Illinois school district to reassess its dress code after his son was told he could either remove his U.S. Marines T-shirt or be suspended.

      Daniel McIntyre, 44, of Genoa, told FoxNews.com that his son's teacher asked the 14-year-old on Monday to either turn his Marines T-shirt inside out or risk possible suspension. Karen Deverell, Michael McIntyre's eighth grade teacher, claimed the two interlocking ...

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Texas High School Text Wrong on 2nd Amendment
Posted By: Scott Weber 03/27/2014 @ 10:05 AM

High School text book criticized for wording of the Second Amendment to only include the rights to “keep and bear arms in a state militia.”

By Edmund DeMarche

      Parents at a high school near Dallas say the authors of a book on U.S. history misfired when they defined the Second Amendment -- and now one of the book's co-authors says the book is being revised.

     The work book used at Guyer High School in the city of Denton, "The United States History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination," includes the "summary" definition of the ...

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Drone Assisted Hunting Outlawed in Alaska
Posted By: Scott Weber 03/25/2014 @ 08:22 AM

Drone-assisted hunting to be illegal in Alaska after game board decision

By Casey Grove

     Hunting big game in Alaska with the help of remote-controlled, camera-equipped aircraft will be illegal later this year when new regulations take effect.

     At its March 14-18 meeting in Anchorage, the seven-member Alaska Board of Game approved a measure to prohibit hunters from spotting game with such aircraft, often called drones. While the practice does not appear to be widespread, Alaska Wildlife Troopers said the technology is becoming cheaper, easier to use and ...

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